Slimline 1 & 2 Clamping Systems

Rail mounted Clamps with window sizes ranging from 2” round up to 12”X 9”. For embroidering on everything from baby clothes to luggage.

The Slimline Clamping Systems are the lowest profile embroidery clamps on the market. The patented low profile design is only 1” high so it fits easily under the needle bar throughout the entire range of machine movements. The flat spring steel clamping arms maintain pressure on fabric and backing through a wide range of fabrics and thicknesses.

There are two Clamping Chassis sizes available for the Slimline Series of embroidery clamps, each with a set of available windows to fit the two different chassis sizes. The SLIM LINE clamps mount to the drive bar of your embroidery machine using the same mounting holes that mount the tubular arms for your plastic hoops. Mounting adapters specially designed for your machine type and size are attached to the chassis and then the assembly attaches to your machine. Hoop Tech manufactures mounting adapters for all major industrial size machines as well as smaller machines such as Brother PR & Baby Lock machines.

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Rail mounted Clamping Systems