Tubular Arm Mounted Clamping System

The ICTCS-2 is recommended for multi head machine applications. If you have a singlehead machine CLICK HERE

(Inter-Changeable Tubular Clamping System) mounts to your machine the same way that standard plastic hoops mount. So it’s easy to install and remove quickly. The spring loaded clamp is actuated by a single lever, making clamping easy. Stainless steel adapter arms are available to fit all major machine configurations. If you use plastic hoops now, we have a clamp to fit your machine.

The ICTCS-2 is the larger version of the ICTCS-1. Same easy loading onto your machine, same quick window changes, just larger sewing fields. The ICTCS-2 window sizes work well with sports bags, totes, computer bags, portfolios, blankets, left chest on jackets, backpacks, canvas bags, etc. The 5.5” round is designed to do the back of caps as well. The larger window sizes of the ICTCS-2 fit into larger pockets and give you bigger sewing fields.

ICTCS 2 Clamping Features

  • Single lever opens, closes and locks the clamp.
  • (7) interchangeable window sizes to choose from.
  • Mounts to machine using tubular arms.
  • All metal construction, powder coated aluminum & stainless steel.
  • Changing window sized requires no tools and takes only seconds.
  • Adapter arms are available for all major single & multi- head machines.
  • The clamp automatically adjusts to different fabric thickness.
  • Clamping action does not leave “hoop burns”
  • Clamp stays on the machine while loading and unloading.

The (6) Rectangular & (1) Round Window sizes come with a thin fabric and heavy duty top clamping frame. The largest window available for the ICTCS–2 is 7.5 wide x 6.0 deep.

7″ x 5.5″

5.5″ x 5.5″

4.5″ x 4.5″

4″ x 5.5″

3.5″ x 5.5″

7.5″ x 3″

5″ Round

Each window set for the ICTCS-2 includes a thin fabric & heavy duty top clamping frame.

Machine specific adapter arms are easily attached with 3 screws to the ICTCS Clamps. Each adapter arm set is designed to fit your machine type and sewing field size. (Brother adapter shown)
The ICTCS-2 is a quick on quick off tool that thousands of embroiders have in their bag of tricks. Clamping systems fill a need that the embroidery industry has for hooping things that just don’t fit well into traditional hoops. Clamping systems are easy to use, versatile, and limited only by the imagination of the embroiderer. The ICTCS-2 is a valuable tool if you have a single head or hundreds.

The ICTCS-2 has been a popular favorite with the large volume industrial embroidery and customization market.

Both the ICTCS-1 & 2 can be converted to air actuated clamps by simply attaching the air cylinder assembly. This option allows the operator a “hands free” foot operated tool to use for high production or simply to save wear & tear on your hands.

Instructional Video How-To